Lima Motor Company, LLC

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Lima, OH 45805
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    How can I help you find your next car? If your knee-jerk response is to say ‘by leaving me alone’ you are in the majority! Most people hate the process of purchasing a car. They just want to find the best possible deal. They want a vehicle that fits their budget, not the dealerships! Simply put “LEAVE ME ALONE” – and I’ll ask you for your best price if I find what I am looking for.

    So that is why I started Lima Motor Company, to fix that problem! To have an anti-dealership. A marketplace for cars that aims to find the car that you want, at the fairest price available, with as little stress and uneasiness as possible. Doing all of this while still providing safe and reliable cars at industry leading prices.

    When you need a car, please think of Lima Motor Company first. I can promise that you’ll actually enjoy the new way of purchasing cars.