Send Out Cards-Sheila Custer



About Us

SendOutCards is an online greeting card and gifting service where a customer can go online 24/7 select from thousands of cards, type in their message then click send. That is it! Staying in touch with your customers, family and friends has never been so easy.
Once you click send SendOutCards will print it ? stuff it ? stamp it ? mail the REAL card to the recipient. By using the SendOutCards App (iOS or Android) sending a greeting card is at your fingertips wherever you are and can happen as easily as taking a picture. Add your logos and photos to make the card an even more personalized way of staying in touch. You can even add a gift or gift card to send with your card if you need.
Technology has revolutionized how several industries do business. They have gone from brick and mortar store fronts to online. For example Netflix = movie stores, ITunes = music stores, Amazon = book stores now comes SendOutCards = card stores.
There are many cool features to SendOutCards for example ? contact manager sends reminders of birthdays and anniversaries, grouping of your contacts to send a single card out makes it easier to stay in touch. Let me know how I can help you.