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Truvincio is an all inclusive data security and privacy program designed for small and medium sized businesses that is simple, effective and low cost. No longer do you need to hire expensive hourly rated service or worse yet have nothing in place. The Truvincio Solution provides specific education and training, supported by a complete package of policies & procedures and the expertise for SMBs to customize the program to their specific needs, size, scope, and complexity. Empowering employees to understand, identify and address data security and privacy risks carries over into every area of the business, driving greater efficiencies leading to improved profitability and reducing your risk of a data breach or loss. 90% of data breaches or loss is due to employee error and the lack of education and policies and procedures built into a business. Truvincio addresses this 90% threat (your I.T only addresses computer related service which only makes up 10% of the risk to an SMB) and by law, every business must have an active security and privacy program yet they often do not. It's the case of 'it wont happen to us' or 'we will address that when it happens'. 90% of SMB's that suffer a data loss are out of business in 24 months.

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Jacob Child
Vice President