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52 Designer Purse Lottery

52 Design Purse Lottery Buy a ticket for $30. Match Wednesday evening Ohio Lottery Pick 3 draw Win the purse listed for the week if your ticket number matches Tickets can be purchased at the Literacy Council, or by calling 419-223-0252 or visiting

Buy a ticket for $30. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold!

WOCAP Programs Info

Updates for WOCAP Services and Programs Headstart Program PIPP assistance Homeownership Program Financial Management

Need Help? Reach out to WOCAP to get signed up for one of their programs

“Rhodesology” On-Campus and At-Home Summer Camps

Rhodes State College is excited to bring back Rhodesology Summer Camps for 2021! Rising students entering grades 5-8 can experience exciting, hands-on summer camps focused on art, biology, manufacturing, STEM, chemistry, and more. Additionally, rising students entering grades 2-8 can opt for At-Home, DIY camp kits with up to 11 different activities that campers and parents/guardians can do together at their own pace.

In-Person being held July 12-16

July 1 Canvas & Cocktails at The Inn

Create Fireworks Over the Lake at The Inn's Canvas and Cocktails Event on July 1 at 6:00 p.m. Bring out your artistic talent with this unique project in a fun-filled atmosphere complete with spirits and delectable offerings. Artistic direction, supplies and a glass of red or white house wine or a soft drink included.

Create Fireworks Over the Lake at The Inn's Canvas & Cocktails

Stay Stylin' for Summer

Make a great first impression by outfitting your team in professional, branded uniforms and apparel! When you hear uniforms and apparel, you may be thinking stuffy drab uncomfortable clothes, but the truth is that employee uniforms and apparel have changed dramatically over the last few years, especially now that remote work is more common! As summer approaches there is never a better time to dress your employees for success, in-person or virtually.

Make a great first impression

Work from Anywhere with help from Pro-Forma

You may have noticed that the world’s workforce has gone virtual! Even though it’s been this way for a while now, there are still organizations around the world that are learning to cope with this new ‘work from anywhere’ reality as a long-term solution. As your team finds their own unique corner of their home or community to call their ‘workspace,’ help them be successful every day. Here are three things to keep in mind as you plan your next New Hire or Welcome Back Kit.

We would love to help your team work from anywhere this year.