Davis and Newcomer Elevator Company



About Us

Our services include modernization, maintenance, service and repair.

Our technical staff will provide no-cost evaluations of your equipment along with a large inventory of replacement parts for all makes and vintages of elevators.

By bringing your aging elevator equipment up to modern day standards, you will receive improved reliability while enhancing your risk management position.

Aside from quality, hard-to-find replacement parts, we can also provide substantial savings on maintenance contracts, service calls, repairs and modernization projects.

We also offer twenty-four (24) hours LIVE telephone service for our customers. Being family-owned enables us to provide more personal service than our industry's conglomerates, and in fact, our market share reaches over 25% in many areas.

The idea of a Fostoria, Ohio based elevator company came after Harold Davis, one of the original founders, was asked by a local businessman to convert his hand-operated elevator to an electrically operated device.

After being successful in creating a conversion that was much cheaper than constructing a new elevator, Davis and his colleague Paul Newcomer began to install them all throughout Ohio in 1921.

The rest is history.