First Insurance Group



About Us

At First Insurance Group, we see ourselves as more than an insurance agency. When you come to us to protect your home, family or business, you get more than a policy. You form a partnership with a team of professionals who take time to provide exceptional service and neighborly advice. We’re passionate about serving our clients and the neighborhoods we both call home.

Our employees truly care for our clients and consider them friends. We know that by putting clients first, we are pushing communities forward. When we care for you, you reward us with your loyalty. It’s a partnership that brings real value to the community. In fact, our motto is “Better Together,” and we truly believe in that philosophy. We know the partnership between First Insurance Group, our clients and the community makes us all stronger.

As a high-performing, community-focused financial institution, our engaged and valued employees provide smart solutions to our clients and communities.

Core Values
We develop our Trusted Advisors to serve others by being: People Focused, Performance Driven, Community Minded, Innovative, and Trustworthy