Lima Baptist Temple



About Us

Lima Baptist Temple is not a building, not a person, not a religious institute. It is a vibrant body of believers through which God is able to work and be glorified. The work that God uses His people for stretches to the ends of the earth through the many ministries that reach out to the lost and hurting among our fellow man.

First and foremost, Lima Baptist Temple is an outstretched hand, offered to reflect the love that Christ has shown to us. Throughout our church history, LBT has existed to take the changeless Gospel to an always changing culture. Our desire is to be a body of believers that is faithful to the Great Commission by “Turning People into Christ Followers and Teaching People to Follow Christ.”

Our promise to you is that you will experience messages you can relate to, music that is uplifting and exciting, real relationships, and it will be the best day of your and your child’s week. We can’t wait to see you at our weekend worship service!