Shawnee Country Club



About Us

Shawnee Country Club is the only remaining private country club in Lima, Ohio. Shawnee is a family oriented social and recreational club, and we take pride in the environment and atmosphere we cultivate. We have stayed true to these values, and at the same time our facility has continued to evolve to better serve our membership.

In recent years, Shawnee has built a new clubhouse, new tennis courts and a new bathhouse. All of this is in addition to the significant improvements to the golf course, improvements that insure our course is the most scenic in the region.

Through it all we have stayed loyal to our creed:
“The primary objective of the Shawnee Country Club is to be a family oriented, social and recreational club of highest caliber with attractive physical properties characterized throughout by quiet elegance, warmth and courtesy.''

The Club consists of members who are honorable, responsible, congenial, considerate, diverse in age and interest, and skilled in the social graces.

It is the goal of the Shawnee Country Club to have a stable and highly skilled staff that is well known and respected by the membership. In return for competitive compensation and benefits, the members shall expect superior performance.