Swiftdine, Inc.



About Us

Our platform was originally created to serve the restaurant industry to aid in reservations, pre-orders, and contactless payment.

While we will still service restaurants, with the COVID crisis we realized this technology can be expanded to serve more than JUST restaurants.

This is perfect for any establishments that typically work on appointments or have customers waiting. Businesses can use our platform to easily manage all of the social distancing and capacity guidelines, as well as contact-free payments and the ability to send notifications via text to their clients/patients/customers.

Locally, Dr. Azeez’ office is using the platform to text patients when it’s their turn to leave their car and come up to the waiting room. West Central Ohio Podiatry will soon follow.

The days of entering an establishment and picking up a pen to write your name on a sign-in sheet are antiquated and dangerous practices in our new normal.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information on getting set up.
Your customers will thank you for helping to keep them safe.

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