The Ritz



About Us

Welcome to The Ritz...intimately yours! The Ritz has been a physical part of
downtown Lima, Ohio for over 75 years and we are still an integral part of thousands of women's lives in Northwest Ohio and beyond. Our certified fitting team is a source for information on women's health, body image and self-esteem. We have also created a cozy and private atmosphere that encourages women to love who they are and all that they've become.

Many people associate The Ritz with breast cancer. And while we are passionate about helping our breast cancer survivors while on their journey, that is not all that we do. We are breast care for EVERY woman! We need to take care of our breasts and begin to create a positive attitude about them and our bodies in general. We all need to decide to love our breasts as they are. Changing your attitude is entirely in your power and we are here to help! One way to begin this journey is to wear a great fitting bra!

We are proud to be your breast care consultants and strive to ensure that you, our customers, receive excellent service and are 100% satisfied with your purchases.