Winans Coffee & Chocolate



About Us

Coffee and Chocolate

We drink our coffee and eat our handcrafted confections, every day. Each of our products are made with quality ingredients using time-tested methods.

In the Winans Chocolate Factory in Piqua, Ohio, we mix fresh, whole ingredients like heavy cream, butter, and sugar. Then we add peanut butter, nuts or purees like maple, orange, raspberry, and coconut to create the center of our chocolate confections. The centers are coated with Winans’ finest chocolate. Then each chocolate is marked and packed by hand into a variety of gift boxes.

Winans was an early participant in the specialty coffee movement in the United States. Every step of the Winans coffee process is infused with twenty-five years of award-winning experience. We roast internationally sourced beans daily to ensure peak freshness. We maintain direct-trade relationships with coffee growers and offer organic and fair-trade certified coffees.