Yamato West



About Us

Welcome to the Yamato West! We are located across from the Lima mall. Yamato Steakhouse offers two unique dinning experiences to the Lima area: sushi and hibachi grills. Dinners can gather together at a hibachi grill and watch their fresh steaks, chicken and seafood are grilled to perfection. Not only you can enjoy your food, but by sitting with other people at the same table you can make new friends. For those hesitant to try sushi, the friend roll and California roll offer the taste of sushi but without the raw fish.

Hibachi grilling is an form of art where it use 600 degree grill in front of you. Our modern fusion cooking and traditional Japanese menu favorites have been satisfying customers with refined tastes. Yamato West has only been here for a year, and it's rated the best Asian restaurant in Region.